Home projects range from simple to complex. Electrical work sits on the complex side of this range. Although you may be tempted to take on DIY projects to save money and feel a sense of accomplishment, electrical work is not an area you should handle without proper training and experience. For electrical projects in and around your home, it is essential to hire a licensed electrician.

Safety on the Job

Electricity is dangerous when not handled correctly. A professional electrician has immense knowledge of how wiring and connections work, allowing them to handle the electricity safely while performing repairs and installations. You risk electrocution, shock, and fires if you don’t know exactly what you are doing when dealing with electrical components.

Home Safety After the Work is Done

There are critical safety concerns to consider even after the work is finished. Missed steps or improper installation can lead to hazard or injury long after the initial work. For example, if a wire is not fully connected, you could have a fire later on when that wire gets too hot. You might get shocked by an improperly installed outlet when you plug something into it. You may not know where to add extra GFCI outlets to a home. Appliances and devices can be damaged by faulty electrical outlets as well. For all electrical services, you need a professional to ensure safety during and after the job.

Expertise and Troubleshooting Abilities

Electricity isn’t a DIY job. Electrical components and systems are complex and intricate, requiring experience and knowledge to handle them correctly. Professional electricians endure extensive training to ensure they can handle all electrical work. Even something as seemingly simple as replacing an outlet or installing a new ceiling fan has risks. If you have a problem during the process, you may not have the skills needed to work around or fix the issue. When this happens, you may be left calling a professional anyway.

Codes and Regulations

Most cities and municipalities have certain codes and regulations that must be followed when dealing with electricity. These regulations are in place to ensure the safety and integrity of your home and personal belongings as well as you and your family. Professional electricians are trained and kept up to date with the rules required when installing electrical components. This is especially critical when these regulations change, as they often do. Complying with codes and regulations is not only critical for safety reasons but also prevents fines for violations. You may also have your power disconnected for failing to stay in compliance. Non-compliant electrical systems face issues during home inspections as well.

Warranty and Insurance Coverages

Many parts and components come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is voided if the part or device is not properly installed and connected. If you have a problem with the part down the road, you’ll have to pay out of pocket to replace it.

Some electrical components offer a guarantee on their work. This guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing that if an issue arises later on, it’ll be covered. Further, most licensed electricians carry insurance coverage in the event that damage or injury does occur as a result of the electrical work performed. If you attempt to tackle your own electrical project, you won’t have this guarantee or insurance coverage. A misstep or problem during the work could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of your pocket.

Some homeowners insurance policies will cover damage and injury related to faulty electrical systems. However, the insurance company could deny your claim if you do the work yourself and it isn’t done correctly. Suppose the insurance company finds that you’ve made upgrades to your electrical system without the help of a professional. In that case, they may have concerns about the job and deny coverage or cancel your policy.

Save Time

DIY projects can be rewarding when they are complete but they also require a lot of time to tackle successfully. You spend time researching to find out exactly how to do the work. You’ll spend time traveling to the hardware store to get supplies. Often, you take more time completing the work than a professional electrician does. Professional electricians show up when scheduled and perform the work quickly, turning what could be a stressful multi-day electrical job into a quick, hassle-free hours-long task.

Tools and Equipment

Chances are you may not have all the necessary tools and equipment needed for your electrical project just lying around the garage. Professional electricians arrive at your home with all the tools needed to perform the scheduled service. They also have an immense supply of parts and supplies, ensuring they don’t require a trip to the store to complete the work. When you try to DIY an electrical job, you may wind up taking multiple trips to the hardware store, especially if something unexpected comes up.


In addition to saving time, you’ll find greater convenience when you hire a professional electrician to handle your repairs and installations. When you take on the task yourself, you may spend longer on the work. This means that your power may be shut off for an extended period while you try to get everything connected properly. If the job doesn’t go as expected, the power may remain off for more than just a couple of hours. You won’t have the convenience of lights, electronics, and appliances until you’ve reconnected everything and can safely turn the power to your home back on.

Save Money

You may think you’ll be saving money when you complete projects yourself. This could be accurate if everything goes perfectly. Often, perfection doesn’t happen. If you make a mistake while installing a new outlet or rewiring a switch, you may have to call the electrician anyway. Now you’ll pay extra for them to fix the problems you’ve created as well as to complete the original job.

Of course, damage and injuries cost money too. If you improperly handle the wiring, you may be shelling out cash to fix damages you’ve caused to your home and belongings or paying medical bills for injuries sustained. Don’t risk your hard-earned cash by trying to be a DIYer, just call your licensed electrician.

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