Electricity is a primary source of energy. We use electricity to power and run all types of equipment and machinery in industries and homes for all kinds of work. As necessary as it is, electricity can be dangerous, so regular electrical safety inspections are a must.

Electricity is powerful enough to cause death or injury to those exposed to electrical currents. Injuries such as electrocution, arc blasts, fires, shocks, and burns are preventable by staying up-to-date on critical electrical inspections. At Potts Electric, we inspect and provide you with a comprehensive report about your electrical elements. The in-depth inspection allows us to recommend replacements, updates, and repairs that need monitoring or fixing.

Saves You From Electrical Hazards

The severity of electrical hazards can be life-changing or even fatal. Damaged appliances and exposed electrical components can cause burns and shocks. Outlets in the bathroom and kitchen can cause electrocution.

Exposed sockets are dangerous, especially when animals or little children are in the building. Curious kids can stick fingers into electric sockets, causing fatal injuries. Another hazard is overloading power outlets, which is a leading cause of electrical fires. Incorrect grounding is another hazard that causes electrocution. These electrical issues can be detected and solved through proper electrical safety inspection by a reliable company.

Saves You Money

Regular inspections can save you money by identifying problems before causing major problems. Damaged or aging wiring is a major cause of the electrical fire. Over time, insulation becomes brittle and exposes wires, increasing the chances of fires or sparks.

Overloading circuits causes overheating, especially in a home with outdated systems. Poorly maintained or malfunctioning appliances, such as toasters, space heaters, and refrigerators, are fire hazards. Faulty internal components and frayed wires can trigger electrical fires.

Electrical fires often damage businesses and homes, which causes enormous financial losses. Fires can also disrupt operations in factories or at home. Injuries caused by electrical fires can cost a fortune in hospital bills.

The electrical inspector assesses the condition of buildings’ wiring and power distribution networks. Well-maintained electrical infrastructure significantly reduces fire risk. It also ensures a robust earthing system to reduce the likelihood of fires damaging your business or home.

Avoid Malfunctions

It’s challenging to determine how dangerous a faulty appliance is. Faulty devices draw higher power and can succumb to wear and tear. Appliances like air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators, and microwaves hold enough power to cause fatal damage. A malfunctioning electrical device sends a burst of electric currents to the system, making the circuit trip.

Without proper precaution, the appliances will develop wear and tear. Eventually, it will cause malfunctioning, which comes with several problems. Fire is one of the issues that can cause fire, endangering lives. Besides, repairing these devices will likely cost you an arm and leg. In severe cases, you may be required to replace the appliances, which is costly.

A safety inspection is an excellent mechanism to prevent further damage. Frequent maintenance keeps your appliances working properly. This means the electrical bill is likely to remain reasonably low.

Efficient Systems

If you’re in the business sector, you can maximize your profits and reduce operation costs by having an efficient electrical system. Spending less on utilities helps you save.

Regular audits and inspections of your electrical system can track and identify the loopholes that cause energy waste. Fault detection curbs the system’s issues before they escalate to more significant problems. It’s important to let professionals do these inspections for accuracy. Experienced electricians can also recommend high-quality appliances for durability and long-term cost savings.

Through electrical safety inspection, qualified electricians can help you upgrade the old electrical systems. Outdated systems are dangerous and can result in substantial repair costs. That’s why an upgrade to a modernized system is beneficial.

Maintaining Electrical Standards

Professionals are equipped with knowledge, experience, and tools that help them follow electrical standards. There are set guidelines that help you implement an electrical safety program at home or workplace. Although an assessment conducted using electrical standards doesn’t guarantee 100% safety, the chances of incidents are minimized.

When You Need an Electrical Safety Inspection

Ideally, you should have a yearly electrical safety inspection from professionals. However, there are instances where you may need to call experts to audit the electrical systems. Here are some of these situations.

When Buying or Selling a Home

Detecting electrical hitches before you buy a home is the first safety measure you give your family. It gives you time to fix the systems, and you won’t have to foot the bill alone. If you’re the seller, ensuring all electrical systems are running efficiently can boost the value of your home.

Additions and Remodels

With homeowners embracing modernization, home renovations bring about a stylish and fresh look. Remodels also boost the value of a house. But you should pay attention to electrical systems to prevent hazards and costly mistakes. An electrical inspector should check the system before remodeling to make sure the existing system can handle the planned upgrades.

As the remodeling continues, electrical systems can be relocated or modified. At this stage, the inspection confirms that all installation functions are up to electrical standard codes. Post renovation, a final inspection should be conducted to verify that the electrical system complies with all regulation that apply to it.

Older Homes

Older houses will likely have outdated electrical components like an old fuse and knob-and-tube wiring. They may also lack modern outlets to plug new appliances. An electrical safety inspection includes a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of appliances for compliance. A licensed electrical inspector audits your home or business to check whether wall outlets and switches are in good condition.

Inspection also eliminates electrocution and shock hazards, including exposed wires or overloaded circuits. Old homes might have outdated aluminum wiring, which is prone to loose connections. Knob and tube wiring in old houses and buildings does not support modern appliances. Reliable electricians will inspect and advise accordingly.

Flickering Lights

You may notice a dim or a small flickering light at home. Although this should not be alarming, when the issue is not attended to for a long time, it can lead to serious problems. Flickering lights can be caused by:

  • Loose or outdated connections
  • Change in voltage
  • Overloaded circuit
  • Faulty switches
  • Malfunctioning appliances

These factors can cause costly damage at home. It’s ideal to get an inspection to rule out any wiring issues. You should also call a reputable electrician when you notice a burning smell, likely caused by circuit overload.

Let the Professionals Handle It

Electrical safety inspection is designed to ensure your systems run effectively and safely. With Potts Electric, all your electrical issues in Ellisville, MO, will get sorted professionally. We offer flexible and effective solutions to suit your schedule and finances. Our holistic electrical diagnostic services are tailored to give you peace of mind and enhance your safety. We also work with panel installations, smoke alarms, generators, and indoor and outdoor lights. Our electrical installations and repairs are affordable and come with the best warranties on the market. Turn to us for residential electrical services!

Get in touch with our professional team at Potts Electric for exceptional electrical services in Ellisville, MO.

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